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A Broad Outline of the Mu’tazilah Sect

    The label “Mu’tazilah” refers to a sect which arose in the early second century hijrah, towards the end of Umayyad dynasty, at the hand of Waasil bin Ataa and ‘Amr bin Ubayd. This sect made reliance upon reason and tooko a purely intellectual approach in studying and corroborating matters of creed and belief. … Continue reading


A Kalaami (philosophical) group that appeared in the beginning of the second century Hijri. It began in the first Abbasid Caliphate, and its name refers to two incidents that occurred. The first was the abandonment (I`tizaal) of its Imaam, Waasil bin `Ataa’, from the audience of al-Hasan al-Basree and the second is because of the … Continue reading