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What is Obligatory to Believe in Regarding al-Qadaa wal-Qadar

Ibn Battah al-Ukbaree (rahimahullaah) stated in his monumental work, “al-Ibaanah an Sharee’at il-Firqat in-Naajiyah” in the second book on “al-qadar”, the first volume, page 264 (Dar ur-Raayah, 1415H): As for what is obligatory upon us to have knowledge of, and to attest to, and corroborate all of it in its entirety, then it is: That … Continue reading

Benefits Of Belief In Al-Qadr

1. Peace of mind. Everyone knows that what hit him could not have missed him and what missed him could not have reached him. 2. It doesn’t make you grieve about anything because you don’t say things like “if I did such and such then such and such would have happened”, so you don’t worry … Continue reading

4. Al Khalq – The Creation

Allah is the sole creator of everything including mans deeds. No single atom or higher element, static or in motion exists, but Allah has created it. Nothing takes place in this world except Allah has created it ‘Verily Allah is the creator of everything.” (39:62) “Say (O Muhammad) that Allah is the creator of everything … Continue reading

3. Allah’s Mashee’ah – The Will Of Allah

Is the belief that Allah has willed everything that goes on in the universe. His will and His preordaining power effectively covers everything. Whatever He willed will occur and whatever He did not will not occur, “If Allah willed He would have made you one nation, but that He may test you in what He … Continue reading

2. Al-Kitabah – The Writings

A. Fifty Thousand Years Before The Creation of the heavens and the Earth Al Kitabah means that Allah wrote everything about the creation. He has written what He says and what He does and all that comes to existence due to His actions and sayings. All is written in Umm ul kitab (lit: the mother … Continue reading

1. Al Ilm – Allah’s Knowledge

INTRODUCTION DEFINITION OF AL QADAA AND AL QADR When mentioned separately either one means the other, but when stated together differ in their meanings e.g.: when it is generalised Al Qadr encompasses Al Al- qadaa and vice versa. But when it is stated Al Qadr wa Al-qadaa then Al Qadr means the predestination of things … Continue reading