Is doing waseelah through Rasulullaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) bid’ah mukaffarah ?

Waseelah through the dhaat of the Messenger (`alayhis-salaam) is a bid`ah ghayr mukaffirah.

This is when a person says, “O Allaah, I ask you by your Prophet…” or “I ask you by the status of your Prophet…”, or “I ask you by the right of your Prophet…” and so on.

However this type of bid`ah, (tawassul through the Prophets and the Righteous) is a means that eventually leads towards Shirk as has been shown in practice.

As for the correct waseelah through the Messenger (`alayhis-salaam), then it is through the supplication of the Messenger (`alayhis-salaam) during his lifetime, and likewise for the righteous, waseelah is by way of their supplication whilst they are alive. As for waseelah through their persons, then this is from the innovated affairs.

The only waseelah in the Book and the Sunnah is “the righteous action”, which is drawing closer to Allaah by doing that which is pleasing to him – which is through whatever the Messenger came with. There is no other waseelah besides this. And this waseelah is of various types, supplicating by way of His Names and Attributes, supplicating by mention of one’s own righteous deeds, supplication of another person for you.

As for supplication by the rank, status, honour or right of the Prophets or Righteous, all of this is from the innovations that lead astray and gradually draw a person towards Shirk, they are unknown to the Salaf us-Saalih.

-=amjad bin muhammad rafiq=-